About the Collection

Anne Sylvain creates one-of-a-kind investment-worthy collectibles with obsessive attention to detail, reclaiming the exacting traditions of artisans from a nobler age. Inspired by the ethereal, complex light of the company’s home in Seattle, hand-finished genuine exotic leathers reverberate with depth and texture. Every item is crafted by hand one at a time in the USA.

who is anne sylvain?

Anne Sylvain is named to honor founder Patricia Raskin's inspiring grandparents. Patricia's grandmother Anne Raskin was an artist who exhibited her paintings, prints and sculpture at galleries and museums throughout the U.S. Her grandfather Silvan Galpern was a Manhattan lawyer and entrepreneur with an unmatched and contagious appreciation of quality and refinement.

Though she has been an artist since she can first remember, Patricia studied Chinese, business and law at the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington, USA, where she grew up. Patricia worked as an intellectual property and business lawyer for 17 years prior to founding Anne Sylvain. 

Patricia Raskin, Founder & Creative Director


Where to find Us

The Anne Sylvain Collection is available at intimate salon style presentations throughout the US, our Seattle Showroom and at select boutiques. For information about upcoming events or to visit the Seattle Showroom: info@annesylvain.com